About the Red River Masters

Red River Masters (RRM) swimming welcomes swimmers of all different ability levels. "Masters" only means ages 18 and above, with no inference to swimming experience or ability.

Why Masters swimming?
Watch this video for a great reason!

We have a range of ability levels from people mastering basic swimming skills (some started with us walking up and down the pool) to those nationally ranked in their age group. Since 2005, we are pleased to have brought over 60 individuals from a thrashing "shark attack victim" style of swimming with capability of 25 meters or less to swimming at least a mile in a workout. This transformation usually takes 4-6 weeks. We try to equally encourage those that might be embarrassed to be seen in a swim suit to those who aspire to be Ironmen/women as well as pool competitors.

RRM offers workouts for multiple ability levels, from the neophyte to the former collegiate swimmer, and enjoy helping our members improve and achieve their fitness goals. People with the following interests have sought us out to help with their swimming:

  • general fitness
  • triathlons
  • swimming competition
  • achievement of a specific
  • employment qualification
  • injury recuperation
  • bulge battlers

We offer on-deck coaching at all workouts from individuals with many years of swimming experience. This keeps your workout on track, provides direction for technique and fitness improvement, and motivates you.


We have helped the members of the Sunrise Triathlon Club for many years and have helped people from those just learning to swimto those who have been swimming for years. Traithletes and masters swimming go hand in hand when it comes to developing an all around traithlon "game"

Masters swimming has helped Jarrod Shoemaker, American Olympic triathlete. Here is a video as he tells you why Masters swimming is the key to his success!

Why triathletes need Masters swimming video

Red River Masters is an independently incorporated team within Southern Masters Swimming

Southern Masters Swimming is within the Dixie Zone of USMS and is one of the 53 LMSCs within United States Masters Swimming

Red River Masters requires you to be a current member of the USMS