Our Coaches

Janet Martin

Certified Level 2 ASCA/Masters Swim Coach

Janet has enjoyed being in and around the water all her life. She has a swimming passion and enjoys open water swimming the most. Her coaching experience stems from over 30 years of teaching toddlers, children, and adults to swim. Before coaching with the Red River Masters, she swam competitively with the Master's team and competed in triathlons. Her coaching background comes from her on-deck experience along with a broad range of swim camps, technique workshops, and private swim instruction.

MaryAnn McInnis

MaryAnn began her swimming career living in Florida at the age of four, diving headfirst into a pool wearing an inner tube, which impressed upon her the importance of proper breathing technique. This skill paid off in high school, when she was member of a synchronized swimming club. MaryAnn has been a Red Cross water safety instructor trainer and lifeguard instructor and instructor trainer, and has participated in triathlons. MaryAnn loves everything water--swimming, kayaking, sailing--and is committed to promoting the health and safety benefits of swimming as a lifelong sport. Her hero is her mom, who at age 87 swims at least three times a week.

Randy Patton

I started swimming on the North Highlands Swim Team in the 8 & under age group and continued until I was 15 or 16 years of age. I came back to swimming in 2005 or 2006 as an adjunct to my workouts. I was also motivated by a desire to compete in the Senior Olympic Games at the local, state, and possibly national levels. I was told about the local Masters' Swimming group, contacted them, and have been swimming with the Red River Masters since then.

I believe that there are certain "core" elements to swimming each stroke that need to be mastered for a fast, efficient stroke. But there is also variation within these "core" elements. Each swimmer is an individual and each may attain these levels of proficiency in different ways. Some of these differences are slight and some more profound. As in so many other aspects of life, no one path is the optimal approach for every individual. To me, one of the greatest pleasures of coaching is helping swimmers discover their path to greater proficiency and seeing how it affects them and their performance.

Howard Hart

Howard learned to swim in the Huey P. Long natatorium on campus at LSU Baton Rouge. His swimming skills were sharpened in more lessons at the Downtown Shreveport YMCA and as a Boy Scout. He swam competitively as an adolescent and teenager on early versions of the City of Shreveport Swim Team and at the collegiate level at Ouachita Baptist University. He has been a Red Cross certified lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor/Trainer and is a Level Two Open Water scuba diver. His coaching philosophy is a combination of this experience, listening to, talking with and reading other coaches’ work and “swimming what he learns” in his personal workouts.

Daniel Anderson

Growing up in a small rural town there was not any form of structured swimming but I have always loved being in and around water. In college I became a lifeguard and part of our job was to teach swimming to elementary kids at local schools. It was later on far after college that swimming would become part of my lifestyle. As an adult, I became a competitive triathlete and discovered early on that you can run ugly and be fast, you can even bike ugly, but you can’t swim ugly and expect to be fast. My philosophy became simply that swimming about all about efficiency. Working with a personal coach (our own Janet Martin) the desire to become an efficient swimmer for triathlon turned to a love of swimming. Now as a USAT certified multisport & triathlon coach I have a passion to help people improve regardless of the level of competition and part of that passion is reinforcing the one thing many multisporters put last on the list, improving the swim. RRM has given me an opportunity help people work and strive to become a better swimmer by working hard to improve their technique and efficiency regardless of their ultimate goal.

Yvonne Chafin

Growing up in south Louisiana, it was only natural for Yvonne to develop a love for the water. Her passion led her to age group swimming for the YMCA in Lake Charles, LA and later to competition for the Lake Charles High School Swim Team. While in high school, she was also a swim instructor and lifeguard for the City of Lake Charles Recreation Department. After relocating to Baton Rouge, LA, Yvonne swam with Crawfish Aquatics Master’s. Currently, Yvonne is an active masters swimmer and is in her second year of coaching for the Red River Masters. She feels that a combination of her degree in education and her swimming experiences works well when coaching masters swimmers. Her best advice for swimmers at all levels....just show up!

Sylvia Hoffman

I grew up in Texas and eventually transferred to LSUS to play basketball and finish school. I began life guarding in 2010 and fell in love with the water as a stress reliever. After watching, learning, and perfecting my technique I decided to teach swim lessons the following year. In 2011 as a 5th year college student I joined USA weightlifting, medaled nationally, and qualified to represent the US at the World University Weightlifting Championships in Eilat, Israel. I have a passion for the sciences of information technology but my true love will always be as an active athlete.


Organization Links

Red River Masters is an independently incorporated team within Southern Masters Swimming. The SMS Website, has information about the events and results for competitions within the Local Masters Swimming Committee which is comprised of Louisiana and Mississippi. Southern Masters Swimming is within the Dixie Zone of USMS.

Dixie Zone Website

USMS has a wealth of information on their website, http://www.usms.org/

Links for Gear, Equipment and other Physical Artifacts

SportSpectrum is the local sporting goods store that provides a wide selection of athletic wear and gear. SportSpectrum is also instrumental in organizing many running and triathlon races in the Arklatex. There is a tremendous amount of race information on their website

Another great vendor for swimming is Kiefer. You can check out their on-line catalog and orders should be directed to Dave Young at dyoung AT kiefer DOT com in their Dallas-area store to take advantage of our team relationship.

The Swim School is an organization in Shreveport that is dedicated to basic swim instruction. The Swim School offers learn-to-swim programs from the youngest of ages through adults. The method of instruction at the Swim School allows individuals to overcome any fear of the water they may have and become comfortable to facilitate learning swimming skills.