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Red River Masters welcomes swimmers of all ability levels that are over 18 years of age.

We are very pleased to have taught more than 60 individuals to swim competently since 2005 as well as having several athletes setting local and regional records along with qualifying for the USMS National Top 10 and completing triathlons including Ironman events.

If you would like more information about our program, please contact us. We are happy to tell you about our program as well as to put you on our email list.

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Phone Phone: (318) 226-9592 (Janet Martin)
Email Email: info AT redrivermasters DOT com


There are a number of things about our program that are helpful to know:

Dues: We offer dues on several flexible terms from monthly to annually. We do not offer drop-in, or single-swim, dues since this adds a level of administrative complexity that detracts from our coaches' on-deck instructional and motivational duties.

Getting Started: You can simply come to one of our workouts and get the necessary paperwork and swim that day. There is not advanced registration necessary. If you want to try us out for a couple of workouts, that is fine!

Weather Cancellations: Due to the insurance policy of LSUS (reproduced below), if there is thunder, lightning, or strong wind storms no swimmers are to be in the pool. Similarly, if the Caddo Parish School Board or LSUS has cancelled school on account of the weather, then we will not have our swim workouts.

Beeper Service: If you are on call and need to have your beeper or cell phone monitored, we are happy to monitor it during a workout and alert you if it sounds.

Number of Workouts: There is no minimum number of workouts that a member needs to attend. Members who are current with their dues may attend as many workouts as they wish.

Pool Access: We have a great relationship with LSUS and have access to the pool during our workout times. If you want to use the pool other than our scheduled times, you must work that out with LSUS.

Email notification: A considerable amount of our communication is done through email. Be sure to complete a team information form and keep it current to receive information about our program and last-minute changes in the schedule. If you have not been a member previously, have changed your email, or would like to simply be added to our email list, please send an email to: info AT redrivermasters DOT com with that stated goal.

LSUS Severe Weather Policy: The pool must be cleared for 30 minutes following the sight of lightning or the sound of thunder. The pool may reopen after 30 minutes if no lightning or thunder is detected. The pool may also close due to strong winds. The glass in the pool poses a potential danger in heavy storms with strong winds. This is a facilities policy so all groups using the pool must abide by it.